Should check must check not fall one person!Harbin further strengthened social meeting control

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At present, Harbin has found positive cases in nucleic acid tests of all key populations and regions, increasing the risk of community transmission and internal rebound of the epidemic.In order to resolutely and effectively block the spread of the epidemic, effectively do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the city, and ensure the health and safety of the people, the municipal headquarters decided to further strengthen social control on the basis of the announcements no. 53 and 55 of the municipal headquarters, and resolutely prevent the rebound and spillovers of the epidemic.The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 1. All personnel in the administrative region of Harbin shall complete nucleic acid testing for all personnel in each turn of the region in accordance with the requirement of “mandatory testing and no one is left behind”.1. The public is requested to pay close attention to the nucleic acid test time of all members in the region, take nucleic acid test at different times and take good personal protection according to the notification of the community (village), and return to their homes immediately after the test.2. During the nucleic acid sampling period, it is necessary to obey the on-site command, observe the on-site order, and implement the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, queuing and keeping distance.3. Carry out “knock on door operation”.Police, grass-roots community (village) personnel and volunteers will form a working group to jointly carry out the “knock on the door action”, registration of residents one by one, to ensure that no one should be checked out.4. Those who fail to take the nucleic acid test within the prescribed time limit will be given yellow code on their “Longjiang Health Code” and notified by SMS.For more than two rounds of non-participants, the community (village) to take strict control measures.Ii. All residential communities (villages) of the city shall be managed in the following ways.1. In principle, only one entrance and exit should be reserved for each community (village). Zoning management measures can be adopted for large communities.2. During the nucleic acid testing period, residents should stay at home in principle. One person in each household can purchase daily necessities nearby on the premise of strict personal protection every two days.Entry and exit personnel shall strictly examine the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Persons and vehicles that really need to go out for medical treatment are not restricted.3. All inbound and outbound personnel should strictly follow the measures of “scan code, measure temperature and wear masks”.4. It is really necessary to go out to work, the unit shall be responsible for the compaction of the main body, strict management, and strict health monitoring of the staff, with the work certificate issued by the unit to enter and leave the community (village), “two points one line”.5. Prohibit non-community (village) personnel and vehicles to enter, really need to enter the personnel and vehicles must strictly comply with the community (village) registration approval procedures;Emergency rescue, fire rescue, medical aid, garbage removal and other personnel and vehicles are excluded.6. Logistics, express delivery, take-out personnel shall not enter the community (village), shall implement no-contact delivery.3. Wholesale and retail markets of daily consumer goods (excluding wholesale markets of agricultural products), commercial complexes and department stores (excluding supermarkets) will be suspended.It is forbidden to organize or participate in dinner parties, gatherings and other activities.5. All municipal, district, county (city) organs and public institutions work at home, except for the staff responsible for epidemic prevention and control and ensuring people’s livelihood.6. Enterprises of all types should strictly fulfill their primary responsibility for epidemic prevention and control.1. Suspend non-productive offline business activities such as consulting services, insurance agency and legal services.2. Normal production and operation enterprises (including agricultural production) should consolidate the main responsibility, improve the frequency of nucleic acid sampling of employees (farmers), strengthen health monitoring of employees (farmers), and strictly implement various epidemic prevention measures such as “scan code, measure temperature, and wear masks”.3. Qualified enterprises can implement closed management.Seven, water, electricity, gas and communication and other public institutions to implement the “do not meet” online management, online payment.During the period of epidemic prevention and control, no late fee will be charged to those who do not maliciously owe money without cutting off water, power, gas, Internet access or downtime.Viii. The following acts that interfere with and hinder epidemic prevention and control work will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.1. Refusal to implement epidemic prevention and control decisions and orders;2. Out-of-town personnel do not report according to the prevention and control requirements;3. Deliberately fabricating and spreading false information on information networks or other media to disrupt social order;4. Disturbing the order of medical treatment and epidemic prevention;5. Openly insulting and intimidating medical and epidemic prevention workers;6. Intentionally damaging medical and epidemic prevention property and facilities;7. Using the epidemic to inflate prices;8. Other acts that interfere with and hinder epidemic prevention and control work.This announcement shall take effect as of the date of promulgation, and the termination time shall be announced separately.(Media Reporter Wang Haiqiao)