Three fantasy fairy chivalrous novels, the young wake up from the coffin, become the descendants of the minister, the war in the sky

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Recently, many fans do not know what books to read, unwittingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian to this is the same.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today xiaobian recommend to you: three fantasy fairy chivalry novels, the young from the coffin wake up, become the minister descendant, the battle of the days of the first “xiuzhen group soft rice king” author: Aries favor introduction: Ink small evil a face of contempt, the world of the day ah, did not think of this xiuxian group also popular eat soft rice, is not pure fairy wind ah.In those days, there had been a part-time fortune-telling old Chinese medicine to him, he had a bad stomach in his life, to rely on soft food to survive.Don’t say, go ask your wife for 20,000 stone flowers and flowers, these days no stone can not ah.How to Get into the pit: The unappealable smell of the stuff convints Lin Le of its medicinal properties, but that’s all.Cough cough, do you see whose Dan is powder?”This substance is called Juling SAN, but what about its medicinal power?Take it yourself and you’ll find out.”Ink small evil head also did not lift, light said.Neither did Lin Le, but he had heard what he had said.Ten medicine bottles, equivalent to five poly lingdan, calculate down a poly lingsan is half a poly lingdan.Fifty percent, he wondered. Was this black powder really fifty percent powerful?Watching the absorbed Mo Xiaoxie, Lin Le quietly slipped out.After Lin Le leaves, Mo xiaoxie looks up at the door and smiles, just in time to test the actual medicinal power of Ju Ling SAN.Dan medicine this thing, is not one plus one is equal to two, a variety of factors, want to two pieces of poly Lingdan powder poly lingdan 80% of the medicine is good.Now the most urgent, or sales problem.His spirit beast island did not sell Dan medicine pavilion, and yue to the inn also did not as he thought of the general transformation.Put the spirit of the beast pavilion in the sale?I’m afraid it is really not, the spirit beast pavilion is used to sell the spirit beast, if you use such a Dan drug, the consequences are unimaginable.(Click below to read for free) The second “Long Night walk” author: North mpire Introduction: three fantasy fairy tales, young from the coffin wake up, become the descendants of general minister, fight in the sky!Kunlun Snow temple, there have been immortal words, the dead displaced, the living do not release.Soul a go, will be with grass autumn.Corpse person is reborn, dissociate the world, be for immortal family hundred door not allow, corpse demon is put to death.This day, the boy woke up from the coffin, blood withered bones cold, open eyes has been a hundred people.With low eyes, He saw three orange apricot blossoms looming between the girl’s frozen wrists.The mark was incomplete, as if some wet paint had not been painted long before it was blurred by rubbing.Fang Geyu said, for the ghost lang used by humans, there will be three orange apricot petals between the wrist.Now the age of less than five or six of the little girl, and how possible for the ghost Lang murder.In 3 days ago, ji Ting a brother and sister 3 people are missing, although having great likelihood 3 people died in inner city you mansion, but once absorb the soul of little girl Yang inside umbrella he, having subtle induction however, she is in the edge city.Surprisingly, she was hiding in the alleyway near her home.”What is your name?” asked Prision softly.The girl Yang soul ever was detained by old ghost place, leave the soul from shell, it is 100 li an brought her soul back home, although the girl is young, to 100 Li an also have a kind of inexplicable dependence and trust however.She clung to his thigh with tears in her eyes and her little face choked up as she said, “Sam…My brother calls me three…””Ok, Sam.”Brienne ripped open the butter paper for her and revealed the fat white bun, gently spoken and acted, letting her hold it and picking her up in one hand.Season 3 son also do not know is suffered what kind of suffering, light a pair of small feet, step on the snow away, come over, that a string of small feet with blood.(click below to read for free) the third book “God of the Emperor” author: Gecko tail introduction: a prince in a foreign country for the quality of the emperor, forced to practice the gods and demons map, but from it to realize the supreme martial way, from the dragon, eventually become no emperor.What is the god, what is the devil, however is in a read between, so called: in the earth god continent from the clouds, huang Map overlord industry dream a, boundless and boundless heaven and earth end youdao, fight sword alone knock at the door of heaven.Pit guide: two huge forces launched a fierce battle in the vast starry sky, compared with the war of the two emperors in the mountains, the real war of the holy emperor is obviously more amazing, every way, every trick trick, all show the power of the earth and heaven.Even if it has avoided a long distance, Chen Ting is still able to feel the terrible impact of the force, even if there has been comparable to the strength of heaven, is still shocking.”The same is 24 days of god, but haotian tower can use the strength is too weak, also do not know how Shen Bi Yun practice, should be able to achieve this realm.”Ting Chen’s face has become very dignified, outside the sky, people outside someone, although their realm to improve the speed is appalling, but compared with Shen Biyun, or too far away.”Well, if I could recover more than ten thousand of them, I would exert as much power as the seals of heaven and earth,” said Feng, smiling and groaning. “However, this woman is indeed not simple. There is terrible power in her soul, and I am afraid she is the reincarnation of some great man.””Whoever she is, this is a fight we can have a hand in. It’s better to escape into the stars than to be caught by these two.”Chen Ting’s mind, Shen Biyun naturally needless to say, even Zhou Taizu Yang Ye in just the moment also showed the fierce killing machine, the war no matter who won, I am afraid will not hesitate to kill themselves.(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. 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