“Carefree” and “spontaneous” in the landscape paintings of Sun Bowen, a famous painter

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In 2000, I read a painting by Mr. Sun Bowen. My most striking impression is that ancient and modern Chinese and Western merge together in one furnace, and color and ink interweave into its music;The whole picture is natural and horizontal, with the beauty of either true or unreal.His paintings on paper in 2002, have a carefree and spontaneous beyond the visual representation, there is a horizontal and natural vitality and interest.He is confused cut phase, a heaven;He is not green or red, but happy.He said that all his life he had no restraint in the wild, like an eagle flying in the sky and fish gliding in the shallow sea.For him, painting in 2001 was just to write the free and heroic spirit in his heart. He poured color and ink to outline texturing, muddiness and muddiness. He abandoned all the carved, meaning and artificial factors and allowed them to be dyed.All are “not neat but zen”.The spirit of Zen is not only the complete liberation of life, but also the joy of spiritual freedom and the joy of life.”Sky cloud heavy like fire” 360X144cm 2001 for its state of mind is not holding, is the day, is to break all phase of persistence.Because “all forms are false. If we see all forms and not all forms, we will see the Tathagata.”Like the comer, there is no ever, there is no go, break the attachment to illusion, can realize the reality of life.Therefore, his paintings are both unreal and true, not confined to objects and images, but also in chaos. The ensemble of color and ink is interwoven like music, and the vertical and horizontal of qi rhyme is like the dense of dahua, with vigorous gas. It is not confined to trivialities, but contains majestic sounds, and complements wind and thunder.1998 Qing Dai Xi said: “The Buddhist repair pure land, to delusional entry;Painters also practice pure land to enter the realm of illusion.”The gateway is to enter the “door of truth”.The purport of Chinese painting is to get the truth from the illusion, to understand the reality of the world and life in the illusion of ink, so as to return to the truth of life.Just as Gong Xian said: “Although the illusion, but has its own Taoist view, the same reality.”2001 Zen on the reality of the universe and life, a profound impact on the Chinese literati landscape painting on the “truth and fantasy” issue, after the Northern Song Dynasty, the establishment of literati painting theory is largely around the “truth and fantasy” issue and launched discussions.As far as the literati landscape painting is concerned, what the ancient Chinese literati are committed to creating is not a specific landscape, nor a landscape of expression, but a “life universe” beyond the limitations of time and space. Only in such a painting can the “truth” of life be achieved.Landscape painting is the pure land of the heart of the Chinese literati, literati landscape painting purport is that the unreal and the truth, to realize the reality of the world and life in the illusion of ink, so as to return to the truth of life.Mr. Sun Bowen’s painting in 2002, on the surface, seems to be very different from ancient Chinese literati landscape painting, but in terms of the inner spirit, it is still in the same line with the spirit of traditional literati landscape painting — this is the spirit of Zen.In 2002, in the spirit of Zen, he painted his spirit of freedom and his own ink dreamland, which is exactly his free, magnificent and fantastic pure land of mind and life universe.In 2001, he realized that “Zen is in the depths of the clouds.” He declared, “There is a high teacher in the depths of the clouds.When he tries to write in a sloppy manner, he is enlightened.”In 2001, he felt, “Deep in the chaotic mountains, deep in zen, bubbling spring sound of cuckoo.”He loved the beauty of the red leaves in the autumn forest, which was full of zen interest. “The red leaves in the autumn forest are off raining, and the poet strolls across the wild bridge.Deep in the mountains to see the sentence, listen to singing in the middle of the “.”Mountains, Rivers, Clouds and Sky” 359X143cm in 2001, his poems, full of zen, his paintings, heaven and heaven.His paintings in the last years of his life are of heavy colors and large volumes, with colors and ink colliding, interweaving and swirling, just like the clouds evaporating and expanding, or the sunrise on Mount Tai, emitting light in chaos and darkness. The passion and magnificence of life, the magnificence and atmosphere of the universe, are fully displayed.”Spring smoke contains green newspaper Fangfei” 137X69cm made such works in 1996, both the freehand brushwork of indulgence, but also has the grand atmosphere of decorative interest, very suitable for the public space for people to look.Mountains and rivers, cosmic weather, wanhe Songtao, Qianlin hongye, magnificent.From the perspective of the author’s life course, his works like this, not deliberately innovation, nor deliberately traditional, but is the natural extension of the development of Chinese painting in the 20th century, but also the natural presentation of the author’s artistic process and cultural accomplishment, ancient and modern Chinese and western fusion in one furnace,Color and ink interweave into its movement.Just as his poems say, he was nothing more than a muddleheaded man, a natural manifestation of the accumulation of art in his life, a result of his unconstrained nature.”Looking at the sunset garden trees 458 x143. 5 cm in 2000 for his YiZhuan studying experience and the training of the western painting, so that he naturally avoid heavy variety spill put, he was taught at Mr Cui Zifan, namely the spirit of the natural spring will splash-ink by moving to landscape, flowers and birds and qi baishi, this institute, this Li Keran landscape painting color blending, folk, modern consciousness,In line with Mr. Zhang Daqian’s colorful landscape.”Toward the cloud of spring dream” 222X96cm in 2002 if we go forward, then Shi Tao “I use my method”, “pen and ink should follow The Times” declaration is consistent with his spirit, Jing Guan Dong Ju’s huge barrier landscape is his different generation bosom friend and model.Taught by Mr. Jiang Weisong since childhood, he has profound knowledge in poetry and calligraphy, so no matter what form of works are poems to express his ambition.”Autumn Forest Diffuse mountain red” 400X96cm ink on paper 1998 poem has high and unrestrained meaning and simple and natural interest, calligraphy is connected with the pulse of the painting, longitudinal free and easy, do not avoid elegance and vulgarity, also do not care about details, as his painting “not neat but zen”.The value of his spirit lies in his innocence, and the beauty of his paintings lies in both truth and illusion.This is the meaning and value of Sun Bowen’s painting.(Xiao Jianjun, Post-doctor of Zen painting and Calligraphy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Doctor of Aesthetics of Renmin University of China, teacher of The College of Fine Arts and Design of Liaocheng University in Shandong) Deep in the Chaos of Clouds deep in Zen 38X97cm ink on paper 2000 Painter introduction Sun Bowen (1938-2003), name Jiuxue, word Bowen, number Ruyang Shanren,Born in 1938 in Shandong Laiyang Xuefang Town Xifu mountain village, the revolution of 1911, the librarian of the Central Research Institute of Culture and History Sun Mofo (once served as marshal house army), the great grandson of the northern school of landscape painting master Sun Tianmu, from Guan Yousheng, Hei Bo Long, Wang Qihua, Chen Fengyu and so on.In 1958, he was admitted to Shandong College of Art and graduated in 1963. After graduation, he took the initiative to work in the junan County Cultural Center for the organization and education of grass-roots art and culture.In 1978, Sun Bowen left Junan and returned to laiyang, his hometown, and finally settled in Qingdao.In 1979, Sun Bowen learned from cui Zifan, a famous laiyang painter, and applied cui Zifan’s freehand brushwork flower-and-bird painting techniques to landscape painting, thus starting to create a new landscape of his own.After studying Mr. Zhang Daqian splash color ink painting, integration and innovation, a unique family.Mr. Sun Bowen devoted himself to the exploration and innovation of Chinese painting all his life.The works are both large and large, or the square sketch, are vigorous, magnificent;The picture is free and colorful.Especially in his later years, he created a large number of great works, which completely broke through the normal viewing path and thinking mode.The rich themes and gorgeous colors have completely overturned the historical accumulation and traditional concepts of Chinese landscape painting.Mr. Sun Bowen’s artistic achievements are very special, he made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese painting freehand brushwork tradition.In May 2002, Mr. Sun Bowen held his personal painting and calligraphy exhibition in Beijing Military Museum, which attracted the attention of the press and art circles.On November 12, 2020, “Li Hua Zhang Sun Bowen’s Art Exhibition” opened in the National Art Museum of China, and a batch of sun Bowen’s large-size works were displayed.Let the audience know more about this little-known painter.On June 6, 2021-17, “dripping wet spanning Sun Bowen art exhibition” in the shandong art gallery again, focus on display Sun Bowen late life nearly 60 Chinese paintings, and around the exhibition held three consecutive academic seminar, successively has nearly hundred experts and scholars, from all over the country to participate in discussion of the shandong art gallery,This is unprecedented in Shandong Art Museum and the whole country.