Chongqing will cooperate with Sichuan and Guizhou to protect red resources

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Chongqing, March 30, China News NetworkOn March 30, the 33rd session of the Standing Committee of the Fifth Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress deliberated the Provisions on the protection and Inheritance of Red Resources in Chongqing (draft) (hereinafter referred to as the draft).Article 18 of the draft clearly stipulates that Chongqing will strengthen joint cooperation with Sichuan and Guizhou provinces in the protection and inheritance of red resources.The draft contains 25 articles, mainly covering the concept of the scope of red resources, management mechanism, system of responsible persons for protection, long-term inheritance and promotion mechanism, cooperation and development, and legal liability.Article 2 of the draft defines red resources, which clearly stipulates that “under the leadership of the COMMUNIST Party of China,In the period of new-democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction period, reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction new period, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics has historical value, the meaning of education, which is formed by the memorable material resources and spiritual resources “, and in accordance with the principle of whether mobile, cataloguing rules, the red set out the terms and conditions.In order to give full play to the publicity and education function of red resources, the draft makes the following provisions: Article 14 clearly establishes the mechanism of online protection and inheritance of red resources, establishes demonstration areas for distinctive protection and inheritance, and supports the establishment of various educational bases;Article 15 It standardizes the online and offline exhibition of relevant venues, clearly carries out the construction of online digital exhibition hall and intelligent and characteristic exhibition works, and standardizes the commentary of red resources, exhibition contents, and the allocation of professional interpreters.In order to promote exchanges, cooperation and coordinated development, article 18 of the draft clearly stipulates that the joint cooperation with Sichuan and Guizhou provinces in the protection and inheritance of red resources should be strengthened.Such as coordination to promote each construction of guizhou red culture corridor, sound development and theory research, red red resources protection cooperation mechanism in aspects of literature creation, collaboration between red inheritance resources promote the brand and the red tourism across the province high-quality goods route, etc., to promote the coordinated development of red resources protection inheritance, promote the co-construction and sharing common.In recent years, chongqing in the full implementation of protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics census, such as repair hongyan revolutionary site interpretation, the research of hongyan spirit, enhance the level of exhibition ZhanChen red resources, make the red theme brand publicity and education activities, promote the development of red tourism, exploration and enterprise cooperation to protect use of accumulated some good experience and practices,The red resources play an important role in the study and education of party history.(after)