Experience the beauty of rubbings of traditional culture in the museum

2022-06-15 0 By

February 3, the third day of the first lunar month.Organized by Yinan County Museum, the fourth public benefit class in the winter vacation of Chinese New Year will continue. The theme of the activity on that day is to experience “rubbing making”.Rubbing is an ancient traditional skill in China. It is a skill to copy inscriptions, stone carvings, oracle bones, bronzes and other words and patterns using rice paper and ink. It is one of the important carriers of recording a long history and traditional culture, as well as a very attractive intangible cultural heritage.At 9:00 a.m., when the gate of the museum was opened, students walked into the visitor center with curiosity and listened carefully to the museum expert Lu Yile explaining the long history and production process of rubbings.Under the careful guidance and help of experts and museum staff, students made the extension package, cut paper, apply paper, rubbing, step by step operation, in a short time, the exquisite rubbing was finished.Rubbings open a door for children to learn about traditional Chinese culture.Exquisite rubbings recorded the thick history and culture, so that the students really experience the beauty of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, everyone has a new harvest.