Guangzhou suburb signboard shopping mall, baiyun New Town C, next to the development of 20 years or site

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When you travel to a city, some people like to see the scenery and visit historic sites, while others like to eat and drink, or go shopping or shopping malls to feel the fireworks and modern atmosphere of the city.Guangzhou is a first-tier city with many shopping malls. In addition to the sports West Business Circle, Pearl River New Town Business circle, Jiangnan West Business Circle and Beijing Road Business circle in the central area, Wanda Plaza, No.5 apron and Cade Plaza in Baiyun New Town are also representative.Baiyun new town is located in baiyun district, the core position is the original old baiyun international airport, belong to the suburban new town, twenty years ago put forward the concept of development of the impression, also once was in the same breath and the pearl river new town, just in the past 20 years, the pearl river new town has become a city centre, baiyun metro remains tepid, what let a person feel regret, the locals can only hope that in the future.What is interesting is that although Baiyun New Town develops slowly, the housing price nearby is comparable to that of Pearl River New Town and Pazhou CBD.There are many grade A office buildings in Pearl River New City, and only a few high-rise buildings in Baiyun New City. Although the urban interface is slightly better than other areas in the area, it is temporarily deserted, and there are many untransformed urban villages in the periphery.Kaide Square, which occupies position C of Baiyun New Town, is one of the signature shopping malls of Baiyun New Town. It is right next to Baiyun Park station of Subway line 2, opposite to the children’s park formerly called Baiyun Park.Next to Cade Plaza is a large construction site with several office-like buildings under construction, and the urban interface of the area may be greatly improved in a few years.Due to the relatively slow pace of industrial introduction and construction on the whole, Baiyun New Town is not popular, but shopping malls like Cade Square are favored by some nearby residents.Even so, it is not as popular as mature business districts such as Takesi West Road and Gangnam West Road.Baiyun New Town business District, which is composed of Cade Plaza, Wanda Plaza and Apron no. 5, is mainly to attract tourists from Baiyun District and residents nearby for the time being. Tourists from Yuexiu, Liwan, Tianhe and Haizhu prefer to visit the old business district.Generally speaking, the temperament of Cade Plaza is better among several shopping malls in Baiyun New Town. Its decoration is not luxurious, but it highlights the sense of city in its simplicity.There are some special decorations and statues in some corners, which are suitable for tourists to take photos. The most popular restaurant in the mall is the restaurant, which is serious about eating, no matter whether it is new or old.The proportion of tourists who go shopping in Kaide Plaza is obviously greater than that of old Plaza.