“String Mirror” Tmall dog snack list in November

2022-06-15 0 By

According to the data of “Chord Mirror”, an e-commerce data search tool, McFudi ranked first in the hot dog snack brand list on Tmall platform in November, with sales of 24.1311 million yuan.Crazy Puppy came in second with 12.0780 million yuan in sales.The third place zi Yi, sales of 8,955,500 yuan.From fourth to tenth were Naughty, Zhenzhi, Kareys, Ruth, Bolu, Hippie Dog, and Yiwa.Coverage Platform: Tmall statistical tool: Chordmirror data Description: Chordmirror data are all from public websites, and do not involve personal privacy and trade secrets. This data is from the perspective of consumers.PC terminal website: www.synlen.com Mobile terminal: wechat search small program “Star Map data Syntun”