The pilot’s failure to check the equipment is suspected of constituting a crime!A girl born after 1995 fell to her death while paragliding in Zhejiang Province

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According to the Deqing County People’s Government, a girl born after 1995 was killed in a fall accident at the Moganshan Jinding Flying Paragliding Base of Zhejiang Jinding Flying Sports Tourism Development Co., LTD on January 3, 2022.Recently, the report of the investigation of the accident release, the team decided that pilot zhang Yang in violation of this unit are direct cause of the “regulations for double paraglider pilot before departure, not tourists Song Mou protectors of yuan and hip belt fixed on this bag, and unchecked Song Mou yuan of safety equipment, its in gliding way falling to the ground, an accident.Zhang Mou Yang has direct responsibility for the occurrence of the accident, suspected of a crime, according to the relevant provisions, suggested by the county public Security Bureau to investigate zhang Mou Yang’s criminal responsibility.According to the investigation Report on the “1·3” General height Fall Accident of Zhejiang Jinding Flying Sports Tourism Development Co., LTD., Moganshan Jinding Flying Paragliding Base began operation on May 1, 2020, located in Xialang Group 15, Industrious Village, Moganshan Town, Deqing County.The takeoff field is located in Wangwei Mountain, covering an area of about 15 mu. The runway is 70 meters long and 60 meters wide.The landing area is 35 mu, 150 meters long and 100 meters wide.After the accident, Song won and her boyfriend Lee Myung went to Moganshan, Deqing County, at around 13pm on January 2, 2022. They stayed at Golden Tree Villa in Laoling Village, Moganshan Town, and made an appointment for the Jinding flying paragliding experience at 16:20 PM.Song won and Lee Myung arrived at the Jinding Flight Reception Center at 16:20 p.m., asked the reception staff and learned that the paragliding experience would not be held until around 17 p.m., so they changed the date to January 3.January 3 at 13:20 xu, Song Yuan and Li Mou Ming to jinding flight reception center registration for relevant procedures.At 14:20 xu, two people with the pilot Zhang Yang and Xiong line to take Dong driving license plate Zhejiang E308E3 pickup truck to wangwei Mountain takeoff field.At 14:35 xu, arrived at the takeoff field, Zhang Yang and Xiong line first their paragliding equipment, and then, Zhang Yang song Yuan wear protective gear, Xiong line for Li Ming wear protective gear.During the period, Song Yuan proposed to take a photo with Li Mou Ming, Zhang Mou Yang will take a photo for two people.After taking a group photo, Zhang And Xiong wear protective gear respectively for Song and Li, and then wear their own protective gear.At about 14:40, Li Mou Ming in the pilot Xiong Mou line accompanied by the first takeoff, glide about 500 meters later, Song Mou Won in the pilot Zhang Mou Yang accompanied by the subsequent takeoff.Zhang Yang after taking off, with their feet trample Song Mou yuan bags of seat cushion, want Song Mou yuan sitting MATS, attendance but found Song Mou in yuan to sit up, at this time, zhang Yang realized Song Mou yuan hip without fixed on this bag, with the right hand hold Song Mou yuan of the left hand, paragliders began to drift to glide, east zhang Yang again with his left hand control paraglider glide direction,And let song Mou won throw away the selfie stick of the right hand and seize the right joint between two people seat bag, try again to pull song Mou Won up to sit on the seat cushion, but affected by airflow, the paraglider produces shake, Song Mou Won still failed to sit on the seat cushion.Insist, after a moment of Song Mou yuan right exhaustion from to sell bags of joint, zhang Yang hand caught Song Mou yuan of the left hand, and feet clamp Song Mou yuan body, going to the woods to the mountain land, but in the process of gliding and affected by air, paragliders, zhang Yang is not Song Mou in yuan, cause Song Mou yuan fall from paraglider.Song Yuan fell, Zhang Yang through the intercom with xiong said tourists fell down, just landed in the landing field xiong mou line that, immediately and Li Mou Ming took dong’s pickup up the mountain to find someone, on the way, Xiong mou line through the intercom let reception center reception desk call 120, 119.Zhang Yang will then paraglider forced landing in the Bamboo mountain, and their location told Xiong mou line.Soon, xiong mou line and other people in luo Lin public toilet behind the MAO Bamboo mountain found Zhang Mou Yang, after a few people separately in the mountain search song Mou Yuan.At 15:40 xu, involved in the search and rescue of industrious village villagers Zhang Mou Hua and Du Mou Song and others in the Yellow Wood bamboo mountain found Song Mou Yuan.Song Mou Yuan was subsequently sent to deqing county people’s hospital by 120 ambulance rescue, at 17 15 minutes after the rescue invalid death.Accident Liability Analysis and Handling Suggestions In accordance with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations, the accident investigation team determined that the following persons and units should bear corresponding responsibilities based on the investigation and cause analysis of the accident, and put forward the following handling suggestions:(1) Zhang Mou Yang violated the “double paragliding pilot rules” established by the unit, before takeoff, did not fix the tourist Song Mou Yuan’s belt and leg belt on the seat bag, and did not check Song Mou Yuan’s safety equipment, resulting in its fall to the ground in the way of gliding, accident.Zhang Yang directly responsible for accident happened, their behavior has violated the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the relevant provisions of the alleged to constitute a crime, according to the regulations on the reporting and investigation and handling of production safety accident (493th order) of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China in the fourth paragraph of article 32 of the provisions of the proposal by the county public security bureau zhang Yang’s criminal responsibility shall be pursued in accordance with the law.(2) Jinding Flight failed to educate and urge the pilot Zhang Mou Yang to strictly implement the “Double paragliding Pilot Rules” formulated by the unit;Failed to establish and improve the production safety accident investigation and management system, take technical and management measures, timely find and eliminate the pilots did not strictly implement the “double paragliding pilot code” caused by the accident hidden danger.Jinding Flight’s behavior violates the relevant provisions of the Work Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, and is responsible for the occurrence of the accident. It is suggested that jinding Flight be given administrative punishment by the county emergency Management Bureau in accordance with the law.(3) Yang Moping, the main person in charge of Jinding Flight, did not supervise and inspect the safety work of the company, and failed to eliminate the hidden danger of production safety accidents caused by the pilots not strictly implementing the “Double Paragliding Pilot Code” in a timely manner.Yang is responsible for the accident, their behavior has violated the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the relevant provisions of the alleged to constitute a crime, according to the regulations on the reporting and investigation and handling of production safety accident (493 decree of the State Council) paragraph 4 of article 32, suggested by the county public security bureau Yang ping of criminal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.At present, many young people like to participate in fresh and exciting sports, and through these personalized sports to challenge themselves, demonstrate a free and fearless attitude to life, “playing is the heartbeat”.But while experiencing the “heartbeat”, it is important to maintain a high level of safety awareness.The operator shall carry out site facilities construction and design protection measures strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and urge participants to operate safely.Relevant departments must perform their supervisory duties, and at the same time, strictly control the qualification, and further clarify the identification of risk responsibility and rescue responsibility, so as to promote the industry to move forward in the direction of standardized development.Life is not small, great meaning!Source: CCTV network comprehensive China news network, Zhejiang Deqing County people’s government official website, People’s Daily