New tourists come to the headwaters of Yi River

2022-06-16 0 By

Sparkling, reeds rippling, waterbirds soaring…This is not jiangnan, but the source of Yi River located in the hinterland of Yimeng Mountain.Staff from the Natural Resources Bureau of Yiyuan County, Shandong province, found a large number of birds wandering on the water during a recent inspection of yiheyuan Provincial Wetland Park.The staff thought they were wild ducks, but when they took a closer look, they found a group of coots.Coot is a kind of water bird whose name is chicken rather than pheasant. It has special leaf-like flippers on both sides of its toes, just like wearing a pair of swimming shoes, so it is very good at swimming and diving, and is known as “the best swimming chicken”.This is the first time coot chicken has been found in Yiyuan.Coot coots are summer migrants in northern China and start migrating south in October each year, according to Tian Yongfeng, deputy director of the Forestry Protection and Development Center of the Yiyuan County Natural Resources Bureau.Although the name of coot has a “chicken”, but is not a pheasant type of water birds, the requirements of water quality is “picky”, migration encountered good water, rich vegetation will stay for a period of time.There are plenty of melting ice and reeds at the source of yi River, which can provide coot’s living area and food source, thus attracting a large number of birds to stay.From a distance, some birds swam on the surface of the water, making waves in circles, some paced in the reeds, swaying the reeds to this side and that, some flying fast against the surface of the water, creating long showers of water.Known as the “roof of Shandong”, Yiyuan County is endowed with unique ecological endowment and rich in wildlife resources. There are not only a large number of migratory birds living in the way, but also local birds living for a long time under national and provincial key protection, such as Oriental white stork, egret, night heron, pond heron and black water chicken.The appearance of coot chicken is the confirmation of yiyuan’s good ecological environment.Coots are the second-class national protected animals. They gather together in yihe Wetland, swimming, diving and cooking together, which is spectacular.It also reflects the continuous improvement of ecology along yi River from one side.In recent years, Yiyuan County has strengthened ecological environment protection. Through afforestation, ecological restoration and protection of forest resources and wild animals and plants, the forest and wetland ecosystem has been improved and biodiversity has been further enriched.