Biological Park Branch of Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau organized all members to carry out the lecture of “Market Supervision laws and Regulations”

2022-06-17 0 By

China quality news dispatch for the effective promotion of the comprehensive law enforcement level of the investigators, strengthen the sense of all the cadres and workers started in accordance with the law, market supervision bureau of qinghai province biological garden branch close to the market supervision practice, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on weaknesses, in the form of “Monday”, the organization to carry out the “market regulation law” of the whole lecture hall.February 16, the first phase of the “market regulation law” lecture hall officially began, branch is mainly responsible for comrades in combination with its own years of experience in regulatory enforcement, with “eight note handling complaint reporting work” as the breakthrough point, from the “complaint reporting is symbionts”, “legal time limit is set tough” and “inform obligation to fully master” and so on eight aspects,It explains the matters needing attention and key points in the process of complaint reporting in a simple way, and combines cases to explain in an easy-to-understand way, which has strong guidance, practicability and operability, and effectively improves the theoretical knowledge and professional skills of cadres and workers, which has played a good starting role.Next, branch will continue to carry out the “market regulation law” lecture hall activities, strengthen the team construction, further mastering and using market regulation related laws and regulations and business skills, to learn and use for dry, improve their work level unceasingly, for market regulation, high quality development and rushed to carry inject new vitality.(Contributed by: Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau)