Linhai, Zhejiang province, has issued a yellow alert for icy roads

2022-06-17 0 By

Linhai Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal for road icing at 14:15 on February 1, 2022:Today morning sun, mountain sheep, AnJiShan at an altitude of 500 meters above the mountain snow again, and have different degrees of ice, snow is expected today to 4 (4) in zhuhai maintain (snow) rainy weather in the morning and in the high mountains to snow, some will continue to snow mountain road icing phenomenon, the traffic impact in mountainous area is larger,Need to continue to strengthen the mountain road traffic safety management, do a good job of cold and warm.Warning information source: National Warning Information Issuing Center Legend Standard Defense Guide When the road surface temperature is below 0 ° C and precipitation occurs, ice may occur on roads that may affect traffic within 12 hours.1. Transportation and public security departments should make preparations for road icing according to their responsibilities;2. Drivers should pay attention to road conditions and drive safely;3. Pedestrians should ride bicycles as little as possible and pay attention to anti-slip.Source: China Weather