See “half comedy”, be serious, love pure point, this will be the comedy of life

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Brassica meets flower, fangfei sheng Mei.Hi, I am Yunfei, wish the text line, touch you my feelings.Thank you for your attention, likes, forwarding and comments, love you!Ren Suxi, known as the queen of small theatre, has a unique charm. All the roles she plays are full of straightness, independent personality, fashionable appearance, but traditional role in heart.Her film Half a Comedy was nominated for best actress in the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards.At the beginning of the film, Momo, the heroine played by Ren Suxi, is so happy that her lipstick drops on the floor as she jumps around a two-bedroom house.The man who opens the door is Zheng Duoduo (Liu Xun), who is handsome but crafty.I had dinner with Momo, but I hadn’t woken up, and there was a girl in the room asleep in bed.Right now zheng Duo duo takes advantage of Mo Mo to be in peep room woman when, hurriedly exchange arrives another room, and glib ground is explaining, the woman that says the house is the same as house boy sun to be the same (wu Yuhan personates) girlfriend, oneself are pursuing Mo Mo.As soon as the explanation was finished, Sun Tong and his mother came back respectively, but Momo mistakenly thought it was Duoduo’s mother. In their conversation, momo accidentally said that Sun Tong came from a poor place because of his poor family, so he lived with Duoduo, which caused the chaos in the room.This speech let sun Tong mother self-esteem frustrated, hurriedly leave the room, does not allow Sun Tong to disturb Zheng Duo Duo and Momo.Sun Tong has been living in Duoduo’s house, and he is often taken care of by Duoduo at work. He is also planning to transfer his rural household registration to Beijing, so everything is inseparable from Duoduo.Although Sun Tong came to stop him, because of Zheng Duo Duo’s relationship, momo did not directly speak out, so momo believed it to be true and duo Duo duo sleep together.The next day, Zheng Duo duo’s fiancee Gao Lu takes to send things zheng Duo duo, encounter Mo mo in the home, Sun Tongtong to not let Gao Lu disappointed, concealed the fact, let Gao Lu think Mo Mo is sun Tongtong’s girlfriend.More than 20 minutes into the opening episode, the two men and two women’s emotional chaos unfolds as the lying Zheng Duo, who is about to get married next month, continues to date women and insists on pursuing Momo.Zheng Duo duo’s fiancee Gao Lu (Played by Tang Min) and Mo Mo, will be what to do, Zheng Duo duo’s arrogant and domineering, can this wanton go on?Will Sun Tong continue to linger under zheng Duo Duo’s authority?As the plot develops, Sun Tong’s sincerity and Momo’s truth-seeking bring them together.The film has a segment of two people on the beach, romantic, warm, happy.When sun with momo and momo see parents, Momo insisted on telling the truth and mother with sun, remove the fact that mother had seen Momo and Zheng Duo before sun.Just when sun tong and Momo two affection photograph yue, Zheng Duo duo insolent force, do not allow sun tong and Momo together.Because you can’t see your brother with the one you love.Eating in the bowl, but also thinking about the pot.And Sun tong’s mother suggested sun Tong with delaying tactics, the surface and Momo apart, private two people maintain love relationship, such as registered permanent residence, work after the official, and then open the relationship between the two people.Love becomes humble in front of interests, Momo does not want to accept humble love.In Zheng Duo duo and big wedding day, Gao Lu found zheng Duo duo and Mo mo is the relationship of classmates, but never heard Zheng Duo duo explain this, aware they have abnormal relationship.Momo will face to face to understand the situation, just when Momo and Zheng Duo duo, Sun Tongbu is the best evidence.Will Sun Tong continue to be weak and perfect and live like others for the sake of hukou, job and the security his mother expects?In the end, Sun Tong fights again for Momo, and this time he fights zheng Duo Duo, who lives the way he wants.Momo and Sun Tong got in a taxi together and went to Ikea, momo said, to buy a mattress.The movie is over.Sincerity, pure love should look like.Watching this movie during the New Year holiday in 2022, I have to say it is a good story. It depicts human nature very deeply, the feelings between brothers, half of them are superior, half of them are helpless to be licked.Adults in order to survive, the hardships of north Drift, the attitude of life is clearly revealed.Life is always half and half, fortunately there are people like Momo, do not go with the flow, still stick to honesty, pure love, and finally change a heart.Outlook on life and love, after all, there is a counterweight in the balance.Pictures from the network, if any infringement contact delete # Spring Diary #