China Joint property insurance Xinjiang branch launched national accident insurance

2022-06-18 0 By

Life has been a lot of accidents, no one can ensure safety anytime and anywhere.In order to better reduce the occurrence of accidental damage, the purchase of appropriate commercial insurance is a good choice.The total accident insurance issued by Xinjiang Branch of China Property Insurance is applicable to all kinds of groups. The following will grasp the relevant contents of total accident insurance.First of all, what do we need to know about accident insurance?China Property insurance Xinjiang branch issued by the accident is to refer to the beneficiary in Xinjiang region produced so far, sudden, non-original, non-disease of the fact that the cause of the human body suffered damage.Accident insurance compensation basically contains the following a few kinds of content: 1, die and cripple. personal safety accident harm danger is right because appear accident to cause death, cripple. carry out compensation.Compensation pays norm is: because accidental harm causes death one-time compensation more than 50 thousand yuan, because accidental harm causes cripple to press evaluate incomplete level compensation (inductrial injury level is in accordance with “person insurance disability evaluates standard (industry standard)”, compensation does not exceed more than 50 thousand yuan).2, accidental injury medical expenses, personal safety accidental injury insurance for accidental injury caused by the medical expenses, in the social medical insurance, serious illness medical insurance expenses on the basis of compensation, payment scope and social medical insurance is consistent, the maximum compensation of more than 15,000 yuan (deductible 900 yuan/time, compensation accounted for 50%).3, accidental injury hospitalization expenses, due to accidental injury hospitalization, daily compensation for hospitalization subsidies of 20 yuan (each hospitalization maximum compensation of 15 days, total hospitalization maximum compensation of 90 days), the maximum compensation of more than 0.1,800 yuan.Xinjiang branch of China property insurance reminds: insurance company is aimed at the death insurance gold of each beneficiary beneficiary and the plan of disabled security gold pays total amount, with beneficiary beneficiary’s accident harm insurance limit is limited.When the total amount of the security fund paid in a lump sum or in total reaches the amount of accidental injury insurance, the insurance clauses corresponding to the beneficiary shall cease.This time, China Property Insurance Xinjiang Branch provides accident insurance for all of you, which will provide a guarantee for many people.In the future, China Property insurance will continue to make efforts to shoulder a large number of corporate social responsibility, issued different types of commercial insurance, for the masses to provide high-quality insurance business.