Hainan: Issued guidelines on the construction and management of reading space for primary and secondary schools

2022-06-18 0 By

China Education News – China Education News (Reporter liu Xiaohui, correspondent He Xiong) In order to promote the construction and management of reading space in primary and secondary schools in Hainan Province, and build a new scene of reading in primary and secondary schools, the Education Department of Hainan province recently released the “Hainan Primary and Secondary School Reading Space Construction and Management Guide”.As an important reference and case for hainan primary and secondary schools to build, rebuild and expand reading space.The guide is the first guiding document on the construction and management of reading space in primary and secondary schools issued and executed by the provincial education administrative department in China.How to improve the level of reading space construction in primary and secondary schools, and build a quality reading space that can be read everywhere, read at all times and be read by everyone?The guide stresses that efforts should be made to promote innovation in the design of reading Spaces in primary and secondary schools in Hainan province, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students for reading, build a booklike campus and promote reading among the whole people.We will guide schools at all levels to vigorously build high-quality reading Spaces with suitable functions, rich flavor and distinctive features, optimize management, and provide high-quality reading services.The guide is put forward, as a whole to promote reading space, humane environment, the quality of the literature resources and facilities construction, greatly improve the small and medium-sized school reading space DaBiaoHua, culture and wisdom construction, greatly improve the literature resources sharing and reading class exploitation and management service level, to build “everyone, always and everywhere” reading “reading new scene”,It has become an important support for the new highland of education services in Hainan and the leader of first-class reading services for basic education in China.The relevant person in charge of education department of hainan province, hainan province to implement the “guide” as an opportunity, in accordance with the “high grade, wide coverage, good effect of the overall requirements, comprehensive teaching as a whole, books, equipment and space, the depth of the fusion innovation space design concept, improve the school buildings, reading environment, the construction of literature resources and facilities equipment quality,It will better serve the cognitive expansion, interest cultivation and ability development of teachers and students, and support and guide teachers and students in primary and secondary schools across the province to “love reading, good reading and good reading”.Author: Liu Xiaohui and He Xiong