The flying clinic helps patients smile

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At 9:00 PM on March 22, Hainan Daily reporter met Li Manyuan, an oral implant expert from Hainan Taikang Baibo Dental Hospital.An hour earlier, he had just finished a dental implant that lasted nearly an hour and a half.”The whole tooth is loose, the left and right molar function is basically ineffective, chewing is difficult, cannot eat.”There’s no doubt that this is a complicated and tricky operation, with extraction, debridement, and immediate dental implants under strict infection control.After comprehensive evaluation, Li Manyuan made this diagnosis and treatment plan decisively, “one operation to solve the patient’s oral problems to the maximum extent.”This time, Li manyuan flew from Shenzhen to Haikou on March 19. The flight took off at 9 PM, landed about an hour and a half later, and then went to the hospital.As a “flying expert” of Hainan Taikang Baibo Dental Hospital, such a trip will be carried out almost every week.During the two-day “flying clinic”, Li often sees more than 15 patients a day, including not only returning patients, but also more patients who need surgery.”For stomatology, this amount is relatively large.”He told reporters that as a “flight expert”, the basic difficulties in the face of the field are a double challenge to the physical and mental strength of doctors.”There is a very high rate of tooth loss among the elderly population in China.”Li says 90% of the patients he sees are elderly.In the process of disease communication, patients need to be patient, confident, professional science popularization, but also active atmosphere, relieve the tension of patients receiving treatment.As she spoke, Li opened the music app on her phone and pulled up the playlist.”It’s a collection of light music for my clinic, and patients can listen to it while they’re treating if they want to.”In 2020, when Li Manyuan was on a “flying clinic” in Haikou, a special patient caught his attention.”He looked extremely emaciated and malnourished.”It was a 30-year-old takeout man with a severe tooth and alveolar bone loss caused by periodontal disease.As food was restricted, he could only get by on porridge and could barely speak.”You can’t make a removable denture, you can’t wear it at all, you can only attach it to a partial implant.”After the initial visit, Li proposed a compromise treatment plan.But the reality is that patients cannot afford even the most basic treatment.Treatment or not, became a choice, placed in front of Li Manyuan.After consulting with hospital officials, they eventually performed the surgery and waived some of the costs.”I’m a person who likes to step out of my comfort zone.”Li told reporters that with a reasonable risk assessment, he would like to try more breakthroughs in 2022, especially in complex cases.”More efforts should be made to train and re-educate young doctors to go longer and further.”(Haikou, March 26) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: