From 3599 yuan to 2499 yuan, snapdragon 888+12GB memory +144Hz screen, diving price range is large

2022-06-19 0 By

A lot of phones coming out in 2021 are now starting to clear inventory, and the phone industry is more transparent and less chaotic than the home appliance industry.Mobile phone industry is too fierce competition, many users have only the brand, niche brand indeed hard to survive, even if the company reputation, the user will not choose, old brand, such as lenovo, zte handset sales are more general, zte is still state-owned enterprises, quality is guaranteed, so some mobile, worth a look.Today, let’s take a look at zte’s Nubia Red Monster 6R mobile phone. Due to the steep price drop, this mobile phone is positioned at about 3000 yuan, and the release price of 12GB+128GB version is 3599 yuan. Now the price drop is 1100 yuan, which has been reduced to 2499 yuan.Not too old phone, comprehensive configuration is not backward.Red Devil 6R is powered by 5nm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform. This year’s iQOO Neo5S and RealMe GT2 are powered by Snapdragon 888 chips, and the price is not as good as red Devil 6R.Snapdragon 888 performs very well as long as the optimization is not bad. It has strong performance and fast running speed, so there is not much pressure to play games.Red Devil 6R is equipped with full blood VERSION LPDDR5 and UFS3.1 memory flash, equipped with three-dimensional multi-dimensional cooling system, including graphene, VC liquid cooling, thermal conductivity gel and superconducting copper foil, etc.Now mobile phones have entered the era of high screen brush. As a game phone, Red Magic 6R has a high screen refresh rate and supports 144Hz refresh rate. It is an AMOLED high definition 1080P esports screen with 1.07 billion colors and 10bit screen, and also has DC dimming and supports TC frame filling technology 2.0.The screen passed SGS High Brush low Delay certification and SGS Low Blue Light Eye Protection certification.Now many game phones are equipped with touch shoulder buttons, red 6R is no exception, with 400Hz shoulder touch sampling rate and 8.3ms click response time.This mobile phone positioning game mobile phone, in fact, and ordinary mobile phone is the same, but also can easily be used as the main machine, the body is light enough, equipped with 4200mAh battery, the body only 186g weight and 7.8mm thickness, may be thinner than many ordinary 5G mobile phones, let alone other game phones.Rear 64 megapixel ULTRA HD AI quad camera, SONY main camera sensor, 8 megapixel ultra wide Angle, 5 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth-of-field secondary camera.In addition, also equipped with 55W quick charging, because the battery capacity is not too large, so the charging speed is relatively fast, support screen fingerprint unlock, retain 3.5mm headphone jack, support stereo dual speakers, but there is no NFC function, in fact, many users do not need this function, we see personal needs and start.To sum up, Red Devil 6R is a 5G mobile phone with high positioning, and the quality is generally higher than some 2000 yuan. The machine is equipped with metal frame, while many mobile phones are plastic frame. This mobile phone is plastic back cover, lighter than glass, more resistant to falling, of course, feel is not as good as glass material, nor high-end glass material.As for performance and optimization, red Devil 6R is obviously good, now the price is also large, if you want to buy, but also can consider, this price is more worthwhile!