The nanny level comparison evaluation is here. Who is better than zero run C11 or Xiaopeng P5?

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Upgrading is an inevitable trend of history. In the rapidly changing 21st century, standing still will only lag behind others. Neither people nor products can escape such a rule.Technological innovation and product upgrading are the opportunities for brands to prove themselves to the outside world, as well as the key for brands to take the lead.In fact, these two models are good choices, which can be found from the configuration table. Take the entry-level models of the two cars for example, the guiding price of 2021 Zero-run C11 luxury edition is 159,800 yuan, and the guiding price of 2021 Xiaopeng P5 460G is 157,800 yuan.The specific length, width and height of the two are respectively 4750×1905×1675mm wheelbase 2930mm and 4808×1840×1520mm, wheelbase 2769mm.It can be seen that zero-running C11 dominates the key wheelbase level, and this car is also the most pure electric SUV with the longest wheelbase within 200,000.The entry level models of zero-run C11 and Xiaopeng P5 are matched with 76.6 KWH and 55.9 KWH battery packs respectively, and the corresponding driving ranges are 510 km and 460 km respectively. In addition, the two cars adopt rear-rear drive and front-front drive respectively, and the maximum output power of motors is 200 kW and 150 kW respectively.Peak torque is 360 nm and 310 NM respectively, which shows that zero-run C11 has better performance in key data.In addition to excellent performance in basic data, zero-run C11 has absolute advantages in intelligence.As a “self-research manias” zero run car also gave this model greater possibility.Different from many new forces derived from the Internet or traditional car companies, Zerorun is backed by Dahua, a giant in the field of security, and its founder zhu Jiangming has more than 30 years of r&d and manufacturing experience.In the core team of Zerorace, r&d personnel account for up to 80%, and most of them come from DAhua, Huawei and famous automobile companies. Such “technology flow” team also lays the foundation for zerorace’s self-development.At present, Zerorace has realized the capability of self-research platform, self-research chip and self-research three-power system, becoming the second auto company after Tesla to complete the closed-loop research and development of vehicle + chip + algorithm + data.In suspension, the car set-up is also very good, it adopted a former double cross arm after a multi-link suspension form, let it hang is the overall performance of biased towards comfort, at the same time when some of the fiercest driving, it will show more excellent support, so the suspension is a big advantage of the car.And, in the face of the continuous curve zero run C11 also showed deft, wheelbase, though fast close to 3 meters, but did not turn to when in continuous become heavy, slow, before the double arm suspension fork to let the car has a high degree of freedom, though not play immediately after the transfer, but the overall directivity is fuzzy, and the action is very neat.The tracking of the rear can also keep up with the rhythm, and the body can still quickly return to the right after continuous swing, and will not become erratic and unstable because of excess sway, giving people confidence is still very full.For intelligent driving, the Zero-run C11 is equipped with 22 intellisence hardware, which only a Tesla Model Y can achieve in the same class.Zero-run C11 is equipped with Leap Pilot 3.0 intelligent driver assistance system, which includes full-stack self-development of core technologies such as chips, algorithms, perception and data.Almost all the core chips of the whole ADAS system of C11 are made in China, among which, The Chip of LING Chip 01 is zero-run and self-developed.The lingxin 01 chip developed by Z0run has completely independent intellectual property rights. Information published by Z0run shows that:The computation power exceeds the MobileyeQ4 chip carried by many parties in the market, reaching 8.4Tops. It can access 12 cameras to realize automatic parking, ADAS domain control and intelligent driving assistance functions at nearly L3 level. C11 opens up the whole intelligent driving assistance system from the chip level, and adopts the whole intelligent driving assistance solution with completely independent intellectual property rights.Users can enjoy rapid iteration through OTAs.The car also has 28 sensors, including 11 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, and 128 gigabytes of high-precision map storage space for future upgrades.In the delivery phase,Zero run C11 will be online ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic emergency braking system, FCW forward collision warning, FDM forward vehicle distance monitoring, LDW lane departure warning, TSR traffic sign recognition, SLIF speed limit sign recognition, DMS fatigue driving warning, BSV blind zone viewing system, APA automatic parking assist these 10 functions.Another 12 features will be implemented in later OTA upgrades,It includes LCC lane center assist, hands-off steering warning, HWA high-speed assisted driving, ATC adaptive curve cruise, ALC automatic lane change assist, TJA traffic congestion assist, DOW door opening warning, RCTA rear lateral approach warning, RCW rear collision warning, BSD blind zone monitoring warning, LCA lane change warning, SDIS narrow lane assist systemSystem.To sum up, zero-run C11 is a pure electric medium-sized SUV with overall superior strength. It is ahead of Xiaopeng P5 in all key data and has outstanding performance in intelligence.I thought about this car for a long time, and finally decided that “really sweet” is the best word to describe it.